The call to adventure

This site is currently under construction but I think a small presentation would be appropriate.

My name is Mario, like Super Mario, the Nintendo character. I’m running a site and a blog in Swedish (that’s why my English grammar sucks) but from the very beginning I had en idea that I should expand my universe to the English-speaking world, so here I am.

The call to adventure is a term that refers to the point in life when a decision is made that will change the rest of that life. I’m interested in those decisions, how they are made but more important,¬†why they are made.

The question why is deeply interlaced with who we are, what ambitions and ideas we are holding, what we want to accomplish with our lives.

I believe that people wants to be engaged in things that matters to them. Things that is important to us we will be good at, and they give us a sense of meaning.

The world needs better ideas, the world needs people who are good at what they are doing and the world needs people who are confident with who they are.

This site, the upcoming blog, and my services are devoted to those who wants to say Yes when the call to adventure reaches them.